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Why Give?

Our God is a God of abundance. There are sufficient resources to accomplish all the mission and ministry the Lord calls us to do. We give as an act of thanksgiving in response to all the ways God has blessed us – with life, relationships, stuff, dreams, spiritual gifts, and salvation.

As those created in the image of God, we have a need to give. It is the way we more fully participate in what God is about in the world. Giving is also the way we do not look to money to provide for us that which only our Lord can give – security, purpose, abundant life. Won’t you join us in returning to God with joy and thanksgiving what God has first given us?

Opportunities for Giving

Annual Financial Stewardship Campaign

Each fall we provide an opportunity for individuals and families to make a financial commitment (a pledge) for next year. Much in the same way you would commit your financial resources through a car loan or mortgage, we offer the yearly opportunity to be intentional in your giving to God’s work through the church.

We practice “Proportionate Giving,” asking individuals and families to grow each year in their giving by one percent of annual income towards the goal of a tithe (10 percent). Once financial pledges are gathered we create a congregational spending plan or church budget. The spending plan or budget is approved by the congregation at its annual meeting in January. Pledges cards are available in the church office year round.

ELCA special Ministries

Periodically throughout the year we provide opportunities, resources and education about several special ministries supported by the Evangelical Lutheran church in America (ELCA) such as:

World Hunger Appeal

Gifts to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal provide food and shelter to people fleeing war and famine. It helps dig wells, improve agriculture methods, and educate children. It helps families from Indiana to India to escape the deep poverty that causes hunger. ELCA World Hunger partners with Lutheran World Relief, Lutheran World Federation (our world-wide Lutheran "family") and others to save lives and help families provide for themselves. Through relief, sustainable development, education and advocacy, you can make a world of difference!

Domestic Disaster Relief

Gifts to ELCA Domestic Disaster Response bring food and emergency supplies to disaster survivors in this country and the Caribbean. It assists congregations that are helping their communities deal with the trauma a disaster causes. And, long after the TV cameras have moved on to other disasters, your gift helps people as they rebuild their homes--and their lives

Other giving opportunities are available through the ELCA Giving Basket.

ALSO click HERE to read a second page about "Giving to Others" to see in detail what Prince of Peace has supported.

How to Give

You may either bring your gift to worship and place it in the offering basket (special generic offering envelopes are provided in each pew), or you may mail your donation to the church office. Please clearly mark on your check the purpose or ministry effort you wish to support. We do not provide electronic giving at this time.

Questions: Please direct any questions about giving to the church office at info2@popnj.org

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