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An Archive of Previous Issues of "The Tidings" through 2016



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October 2015
Pastor's letter about Stewardship discusses how difficult it is to graciously accept assistance when the tables are turned in life. The new Wonderful Wednesday for the Fall. Lutheran Social Ministries and its Guest Speaker, Beth Gebhart, and other October Events. Gardening Days have shifted to Fridays. Pr Selover leads "Wednesdays Away" program - a retreat focusing on a specific spiritual practice. The Book Group reads: "The Henna House" by Nomi Eve. Call to create a new Hospitality Team. "When in Need" call upon the Church - read how to do this. Thanks from the Cherry Tree Club remembering 20 years of Ministry.

September 2015
August 2015

July 2015
"Diapers for Detroiters" - an explanation. Why do hymns so often have so many verses? This is the month to experience "Christmas in July Giving Tree." Church is in need of a transport chair for Congregants requiring assistance. Facebook page feature "Joining in Conversation about Faith." Spiritual Formation Ministry and Church House Renovation has been approved by the congregation. Brief Bio of Pr Dale Selover. The most recent Confirmands at PoP Church. Article by Rev Peter Marty on Generosity. Cherry Tree Club celebrates twelve graduates.

June 2015
Traversing the fine line between faith and foolishness. When is a decision a bold act of faith and when is it a big mistake? This Fall, with changes going on about our times of worship, what are the basics of the timing of Worship and of Christian Education? June Events - Congregational Meeting; Book Group; what is "Womanspace?"; "The Garden"; Graduates and their "honors" recognized; Youth Group going to Detroit, and others. New "Confirmation Page" on our website by Cassie Morris; Q&A about the CherryTreeClub. Our "Rain Garden." New Books out by NJSynod Pastors. Lutherans helping in Nepal. Sandy Recovery Workday. Finding useful information for our members on our Website. Q&A about the CherryTree Club Ministry.

May 2015
Church House Task Force summarizes the options. Honors and transformaton of our students. Fresh Air Fund seeks Host Famlies. Lutheran World Relief in Nepal. A brief history of Sunday School, part II. ELCA Friendship Camps in Bosnia.

April 2015
Pastor's thoughts on Holy Week. Doug Helvering explains the use of the Music Ministry of a "Different Hallelujah Chorus" - but this one written by Beethoven in 1803 as part of an Oratorio named "Christ on the Mt of Olives." Adult Class to discuss Race Relations. Benefit Concert by Charlie Frantz, and another concert from "Silver, Wood and Ivory." Getting ready for the next season of the "Peace Garden." Book Review of "Let's Kill Sunday School" - a history of Sunday School. Q&A from CherryTreeClub. And many thanks yous!

March 2015
Pastor emphasizes the Gospel according to Mark in our Mid-Week Lenten Services. "Worship Matters" is an article by Doug Helvering, Minister of Music. March Events such as the "Adult Forum" on Sundays, and Wednesday Soup Suppers just before the Lenten Service. What is the "Jelly Bean Prayer"? April Stewardship Workshop in Hainesport. The Cherry Tree Club Ministry Team meets for the first time to serve as a liaison with the Council. A Discussion about "What is Stewardship?" by Tim Urbanek. Notes from the ELCA on its WorldWide commitment and where it helps. The Valentine Box report.

February 2015
Pastor said Lent is a season to subtract. What one person, idea, task, regret, or possession, can ou sutract from your soul? Do it not just for a season but as a way to grow the soul. Doug Helvering reports on the Music Ministry of PoP. Adult Classes in February focus on PoP Ministeries. Celebrating Karlfried Froehlich's new book, "Sensing the Scriptures." Book Group focuses on "Fierce Radiance" a novel that follows the sotyr of the development of Penicillin. Contributions of the Alex Morris Scout Troop of East Windsor. Sandy Recovery efforts continue. ELCA supporting Ebola efforts. John and Linda Field's new Grandson. Cherry Tree Club Ministry. Valentine Day Packages.

January 2015
Pastor issues a "Call to Prayer." Pastor Froehlke has a new Blog with an invitation to participate. Music Minister Doug Helvering thinks about how much the Youth of our church are involved across all age groups. Three small groups meet regularly: "Parenting at Panera," "Christian Focus" in the Lounge, and the Monthly "Book Group" on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Youth and their families in the News! Financial Status Review. PoP Sunday School Students donating to support several interesting projects. December happenings at the Cherry Tree Club. Preparations underway for Valentine Care Boxes. Cub Scouts and the Crisis Ministry Food Pantry. The Advent Giving Tree.


An Archive of Previous Issues of "The Tidings" from 2014

. . . with just a few examples of the articles included in each issue.


December 2014
The new Liturgical Year in the Church Calendar. The 500th anniversary of the Reformation coming in 2017. An Evening of Readings and Carols. An interesting letter by Benjamin Franklin on the death of his brother. Pr Froehlke's father's passing. Karlfried Froehlich presents "Biblical Number Symbolism" to the Christian Focus Group. Other Book and adult Class news. Sandy Relief Efforts on Dec 6th. Advent Giving Tree. Notes on the Community Christian Choir Schedule. Family Gift Baskets for the Cherry Tree Club, and other donations from PoP Church.

November 2014
Pastor describes a new version of a "Flash Mob" that began in Buffalo when suburban Catholics chose to become a "Mass Mob" to support inner city churches. Sunday Nov 9th is Celebration Sunday for Stewardship. Our Music Minister's reflections on how he came to be connected to Prince of Peace Church. Karlfried Froehlich to give a talk entitled "Biblical Number Symbolism" to our Christian Focus Group. About Advent Wreath making! Fall Sunday School at PoP church. An Evening of Readings and Carols on December 19th. Passings. Peace Garden Abundance Continues. Food Donations for Crisis Ministries.

October 2014
Having an "Attitude of Gratitude", a Stewardship emphasis for 2014. "What is God telling me to do?" Congregational singing is one of the most powerful ways for a community of believers to express our Faith. (A series of examples follows.) Date and particulars about the October Crop Walk. The Fall Clothing Drive - locations, items, drop off. A Confirmation Mentor Program is beginning. The ELCA 2015 Youth Gathering information. Book Group reading "the Last Runaway" by Tracy Chevalier. Report of the Parish Care Team. An invitation to become part of the Worship Team. And how to help in the Sandy Recovery Effort.

September 2014
How to use the space of the current Church House? The Groundbreaking for the new West Windsor Mosque that Pastor attended and described. Opportunities to be involved in the Music Ministry of PoP Church. Youth Trip in September. Confirmation begins this month, along with Sunday School. Book Group also resumes. Wonderful Wednesdays and the opportunities for children and families is described (which also resumes) this month. A description of the recent VBS program. The Philadelphia Horticultural Society supports our Peace Garden. New Prince of Peace email address begun replacing the older Yahoo Groups.

August 2014
Pastor writes about his trip to China to meet Sara's foster family. A Community Partner, Sinfonietta Nova Orchestra. Parish Care Team requests student addresses. Vacation Bible School subject of "Weird Animals!" Book Group and Sunday School both resume in September. Crisis Ministry of Mercer County a recipient of our Peace Garden Produce. How to help Hannah aid the Cherry Tree Club. Sending in cash register receipts from McCaffrey's to aid the Crisis Ministry. Ralph Kjorlien's 95th birthday. Teen's return from YouthWorks Trip to Philadelphia - read about what they contributed on their trip. Looking for volunteers to serve as Worship Assistants with a witness by Jim Kisthardt of the positive feelings he has had in this position. Reports of sharing with the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, the "Christmas Tree in July," Rescue Mission Donations, and Bosnian Servant Team Trip and the sports equipment they brought.

July 2014
Pastor writes: "We sometimes fail to appreciate life as a gift. We move from activity to activiy, event to event . . . but life is a gift, a precious gift from our Creator. . . " Some thoughts on the Future of our Parish House. Looking ahead to Music Events in the future. Book Group is reading "The Perfume Collector." Pastor Dale Selover Froehlke looks forward to the 25th anniversay of her ordination. Vbs news. Peace Garden receives a grant. Donations to the ELCA

June 2014
Pastor notes that "Pushing the Reset Button" means letting go of the old and starting over with the Task we are doing. Does this apply to our present Youth Ministry? The start of the Peace Garden at PoP church. Read about its purpose and look at the pictures developing on our website. Remembering Katy Sexton. Nine Confirmands to become members of PoP on June 8th. Informational Meeting. VBS coming in August (application on the homepage of our website); Cherry Tree Club Board; suggestions for summer leisure time.

May 2014
Pastor's message on a definition of our "Assets." The 27th Annual NJSynod Assembly - "Listen! God is Calling." "Grace at Work" - some observations on the hymn "Amazing Grace." Update on the 2014 Spending Plan. The International Servant Trip to Bosnia - we are a partner. Changes ahead for our Tidings of Peace Newsletter. Thank you's for the Valentine Boxes.

April 2014
Article on the impending Holy Week Services and some of the inherent meanings of that observation. The notes on the "Stepping up in Faith" Ladder. Book Group selections for April and May. The Zorzal Music Ensemble present Latin American, Spanish, and Sephardic Songs at Prince of Peace. "Thank you" for the Valentine Boxes. The NJ International Servant trip to Bosnia in 2014. List of Property job for the Church Work Day on 4/5/14.

March 2014
Pastor's Note about the "Lenten Midweek Soup Suppers." Midweek instrumental selections. Return of the Sinfonietta Nova orchestra on March 8. Letters of "Thanks" for the Valentine Boxes. "Living a Life of Gratitude" a testimoy on stewardship from the former Asst Dir of the Center for Stewardship at Luther Seminary.

February 2014
"Connecting more deeply with God and one another," as in Pastor's Note this month. Budget review. Deciding on Music Selections for a given week. Update on the readings of the Book Group, and an adult education class by Seminarian Kevin Ellis on "Violence and the Judgement of God" in Revelations. The Valentine Day Care Package project is underway. Cub Scouts help to replenish the Ministry Food Pantry and ELCA World Hunber appeal.

January 2014
"In this season of Christmas, we celebrate the Word becoming flesh and making his dwelling among us. This manifestation is a promise fulfilled in the birth of Jesus." Music Minister's Note. The significance of "Epipany." " Wonderful Wednesdays!" starts again on January 15. A number of "Thank You" letters for gifts sent from PoP Church.


An Archive of Previous Issues of "The Tidings" from 2013

. . . with just a few examples of the articles included in each issue.


December 2013
The Installation service for Pastor Froehlke was held on Sunday, November 17. We welcomed Bishop Tracie Bartholomew who presided over the installation and Rev. Cheryl Johnson of Trinity Lutheran Church in Dover who preached the Word. Pr Froehlke introduces the Season of Advent. Music Minister Doug Helvering's observations on "The War on Advent." The Annual Christmas Musical "The World Sings Noel!" Wedding announcement for PoP's church musician, Victoria Chow. The Holiday Season dates for Sunday School, and other church groups for December. Advent Wreath Making. The Advent Giving Tree and the Baskets for the Cherry Tree Club.

November 2013
Our Fall Stewardship Program is based on the Children's Classic Book "Stone Soup" - Pr. Froehlke describes the story and its relationship to thinking about Stewardship. Information about the November 17th Installation of Pastor Froehlke by Bishop Barholomew of the New Jersey Synod. "Dinners with Pastor" to continue in November, and an Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service to be held on Nov 24th at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Hightstown. Some thoughts about Smartphones using Podcasts to relisten to selected sermons over many years. Advent Wreath Making starts soon. Sunday School featuring Martin Luther and the Reformation. Learn about Operation Christmas Child. And other interesting stories.

October 2013
Photos from "Rally Day." Thoughts about "Stewardship" from Pr. Froehlke. Wonderful Wednesdays schedule for Fall 2013. Confirmation Class Schedule. Fall Clothing Drive for the Rescue Mission of Trenton. Crop Walk for October 13. Facts about the 2nd Annual Women's Retreat.

September 2013
The Story of "Rally Day" at PoP church and the events it offers. The interesting quote from St. Augustine that Pastor used in his sermon recently. Note from Pastor Joecks about his time at Prince of Peace. The upcoming installation of Rev Tracie Bartholomew as the Bishop of the NJ Synod ELCA. Council notes, and a request to share your interesting stories with others via the Tidings. "Website? We have a website?" an article about "finding" our website once again, and some plans to make it even easier to use on Smartphones (more to come). Wonderful Wednesdays restarts on Sept 18th! ELCA "Global Links" - a list (including website URLs) of "God's Work; Our Hands." Letters from the "Rescue Mission of Trenton" commenting on PoP's contribution to their work. Also ways in which we can help with the "Hurricane Sandy" recovery efforts.

August 2013
"Have you ever wondered why we, as worshippers in a Lutheran church, sing so many hymns?" - an article by our Minister of Music; the Book Group is reading "The Art of Hearing Heartbeats" read the story line. Graduation Day at the Cherry Tree Club. "Mercer Street Friends Food Bank" - a 6th in a series of articles about Recipients of our social outreach program. A brief "good news" report on the shrinking Budget Deficit of PoP church!

July 2013
Pastor Froehlke's first "Tidings" message after arriving on July 1st; and informaton on the start of the Summer Choirs. The report on the NJ Synod ELCA gathering from Joan New and Janis Haddock who were our voting members at the conference. An update from Kevin Ellis, seminarian, working in the St. Columbia's Presbyterian Church in Johannesburg, South Africa. Volunteers are being sought for the Aug 5-9 VBS. Report on the updating of the plantings around our church, with next phase (of the front) soon to come. The 5th in a series of articles on the Chaplaincy Program at the Princeton HealthCare System. And Congratulations to our 2013 Confirmands.

June 2013
Letter from Bob Durie, Council President, on "What will be PoP's next impossible challenge and how will God inspire us to solve it together?" Pastor Joeck's note in which he said: "My personal word of heartfelt thanks to each and all of you for letting me share in your church's life in this interim time. The warmth, kindness and support you have given me, make me realize what a treasure Pastor Froehlke will find when Prince of Peace becomes his new church family and home." Message from the Music Minister requesting help with "Sound Management" during church services, and how the new system works. A letter from the Call Committee in appreciation for the kind comments of members supporting their work. An interesting suggestion of a program to attend: "Namibian-born author Helge Staby Deaton of Princeton will present readings from her book Beyond Fences; A Memoir 1937-1970 at Abiding Presence Lutheran Church, 2220 Pennington Road, Ewing, NJ 08638 on Saturday evening, June 22, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. June 2nd - Confirmation at the 11 AM Service. A "Ministry Recognition Award" to John and Linda Fields as they leave for their new home in Oklahoma. "Womanspace" a 4th in a series of Article on our Social Outreach recipients. Congratualtions to our Graduates!

May 2013
Announcement of the Council President, Bob Durie, of our call of a new Pastor. Letter from Interim Pastor Joecks that includes: There is a sense in which God calls all of us to be musicians." Music Minister's report which included: "Pastor Froehlke, in his sermon and later in the congregational meeting, discussed ways that we can be active in our ministry." The "Grounds for Sculpture Trip" on May 16th. Seminarian Kevin Ellis and Kathleen Doherty are getting married at POP on Aug. 17, 2013. On Sunday, May 26, the Confirmation students will lead both worship services for the members of Prince of Peace. The "Crisis Ministry of Mercer County," the Third in a Series of Articles about Recipients of our Social Outreach Program. The CherryTreeClub is now on Facebook and Twitter.

April 2013
Letter from Interim Pastor Carl Joecks which ends: "When the road of life becomes hard to travel, may God give us the courage of heart to get out of the boat, to look to our Lord in faith and to walk forward in His love." Doug Helvering, our Music Minister, reports that the "Festival Singers of Kansas City" will be coming to PoP on April 28th and join other musical groups in Princeton for a special event on April 27th at Princeton Seminary's "Miller Chapel." Our Book Group will be reading "Beyond Fences" - by Helge Deaton and later"A Light Between Oceans" by M. L. Stedman and Tom Sherbourne. There is a "Conference on Congregational Ministries" on April 20 in Hamilton Twp lead by Bishop Reilly. Article #2 on the "Coalition for Peace Action," a recipient of our Outreach Benevolence. The Valentine Care Packages sent and received with appreciation. More about the Confirmation Class Curricula.

March 2013
Update from the Call Committee. Easter Sunday Brunch on Sunday morning, March 31st. PoP Tots Music & Movement Classes for our littlest, birth to age 5, on Wonderful Wednesdays. Start of a series of article on the Recipients of our Social Outreach Locall Benevolences. Gift bags sent to our students, and Easter Baskets for Lutheran Social Ministries Children, and continue with our monthly mailings to families with a new baby (Splash) and those who have lost a loved one (Hope through Healing). Scout Sunday will be on April 7th. And "What is the P.R.A.Y. Program?" A message from Interim Pastor Carl Joecks in which he observes: "John Newton, the author of 'Amazing Grace,' struggled greatly with loss of memory. In the later days of Newton's life, a friend asked if he still had a bad memory. Newton replied, Yes, I do. But I remember two things ”I am a great sinner and I have a great Savior.

February 2013
Throw your hat over the wall (see a Word from the Council President). God promises to walk beside us in the valley (see From the Minister). Music to foster a closer relationship with God (see the Life of a Music Minister). We are blessed by watching God at work (see From the Call Committee). Lent begins on February 13. Look inside for thank-yous, concert dates, opportunities for fellowship, service, and connecting with others at Prince of Peace.

January 2013
Congregational meeting Sunday January 27 at 9:45. Pastor Joecks' advice for 2013 - "anchor deep." Musical events calendar. Council meeting 1/15. Wonderful Wednesdays resume. Many "thank yous" for Prince of Peace generosity. Valentine Boxes on the horizon. Opportunities for fellowship and service.

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