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Making Disciples: Learning to Live the Story
Prince of Peace Team Structure
(updated 10/2/2014)

Faith Practice

Team, Group, Guild, Staff
Pray Praying People Weekly Email
Worship Worship and Music Team
Altar Guild


Parish Care Team
Human Resources Team
Youth Team
Communications Team
Digital Team

Faith Practice

Team, Group, Guild, Staff
Study Christian Education Team
Christian Focus Group
Service Social Outreach Team
Cherry Tree Club
Property Team
Invite Fellowship Team
Wonderful Wednesdays Team
Give Stewardship Team
Finance Team

Prince of Peace Ministries
(updated 10/17/2016)


  Worship and Music – also Altar        Guild
  Spiritual Formation – also arts

 Teaching   Christian Education
  Wonderful Wednesdays
 Serving   Hospitality
  Parish Care
  Social Outreach
 Support   Finance
  Mutual Ministry
Also read our newsletter, The Tidings, for additional information.
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