April 2017 Tidings
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Worship in April
Sunday Morning Worship at 9:30 am
Sunday, April 2
Fi#h Sunday in Lent Lazarus
Wednesday, April 5
Mid-Week Worship
Sunday, April 9
Palm Sunday Royalty
Thursday, April 13
Maundy Thursday
Friday, April 14
Good Friday Fauré Requiem
Saturday, April 15
Easter Vigil
Sunday, April 16
ResurrecDon of Our Lord Easter Brunch
Sunday, April 23
Second Sunday of Easter Thomas
Sunday, April 30
Third Sunday of Easter Emmaus!
Other Coming Events
Saturday, April 1
Labyrinth Work Day
Thursday, April 6
Book Group
Saturday, May 6
World Labyrinth Day
April 2017
Observing All of Holy Week
Soon a&er I was ordained Palm Sunday became Passion Sunday in our liturgical tradi7on. As culture more and more skipped Holy Week and bounced from Palm Sunday right into Easter, the people who formed our lec7onary became increasingly concerned. The cri7cal events leading up to the cross and Jesus' crucifixion were not being heard by the majority of worshippers. Hence, the reading of the Passion became the norm for the Sunday before Easter.
I get it. Reading the Passion at the beginning of Holy Week is powerful, but I always feel Palm Sunday gets pushed aside a liJle too quickly. Palm Sunday is a paradox. On the one hand, there is a sense of victory. It's easy to get caught up with the hosannas. We want Jesus to be royalty. But as the week unfolds, the excitement of Jesus' entry into the Holy City is soon swallowed up by the horror surrounding the cross.
This year we are going to reclaim Palm Sunday as a day unto itself. Liturgically, we need to feel the misguided excitement of the day to beJer sense the betrayal when the story starts to unravel in the upper room. This means, of course, that we need to worship throughout Holy Week. As our lec7onary fears, to read the resurrec7on with no reading of the cross, misses the point of the story en7rely. The Passion needs to be read, but this year we will do it on Good Friday.
You need to be here! You wouldn't miss Easter. You wouldn't miss Christmas. Good Friday holds as much importance.
I encourage your par7cipa7on in all the Holy Week services, but this year especially I call aJen7on to the Good Friday service. The choir will be presen7ng the Fauré Requiem, presented within the reading of the Passion of John. This service will capture the depth of God's profound love, revealed within the betrayal of the cross. If I could, I'd require all of us to aJend.
— Pastor Froehlke
See page 9 for Complete Holy Week Schedule and Easter Flower Order Form

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