NJ Voter Information for 2020 Election

Dates, timing, and locations

  • All registered voters will receive a mail in ballot for the 11/3 election. Your mail in ballot should arrive by Tuesday, 10/13. If not, contact your county clerk election official before Tuesday, 10/20 and apply for a mail in ballot.
  • Your mail in ballot return deadline must be postmarked by 8:00 PM on election day, 11/3 and received by 11/10.
  • Vote ASAP by dropping off your completed ballot at an election drop box (which is video monitored, bolted down and collected daily by election officials) or at a post office.
  • You may also bring your completed ballot to a designated polling location on 11/3 between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
  • If you do not receive or decide not to return your mail in ballot, you have the option to vote in person at the designated polling locations on 11/3. You will not be able to vote on the poll machines. You will only be able to vote by provisional ballot unless you have a documented disability. Those with a disability will sign a notice of disability and will be directed to a 20 minute audio voting process on an AVC panel that is attached to the poll machine.
  • Mail in ballots will be counted first, before provisional ballots, by election officials.
  • There are several sites for voter information and online instructional videos for ballot procedures. One source is: STAND Central NJ.

Completing a Ballot Procedure

  • Once you receive your mail in ballot, take the time to read the instructions and review carefully for the offices, candidates and questions to be answered.
  • Both sides of the ballot should be completed.
  • Completely fill in the oval spaces (in black or blue ink) next to your choice of candidates and answers to the 3 questions. In some cases you may be asked to choose more than one candidate for a specific position or office.
  • You may have someone assist you with the ballot procedure.

The Certificate Envelope

  • Once you have completed the ballot, you will insert the ballot into the certificate envelope and seal it.
  • You will need to print your name, address and party on the certificate envelope along with your signature. Be sure to use the legible signature that you previously used when voting in previous election poll books.
  • If someone assisted you with completing the ballot, they must also give their printed name and signature to the certificate envelope.

The Mailer Envelope

  • Place the certificate envelope into the mailer envelope and seal.
  • Write your name and address on the front left corner of the mailer envelope.
  • You do not need to put a stamp on the envelope.
  • If you are designating someone else (the bearer) to deliver your completed mailer ballot, that bearer must also (in your presence) print and sign the mailer envelope in the space provided. The bearer may only deliver 3 ballots for other voters.