What to Expect

If you are looking for your next church home, please consider joining us for worship next Sunday. Please sign the guest register located on the lectern between the outside glass doors and the coat rack so our Pastor can follow up with you.

What are your services like?

Our Sunday worship service starts at 9:30 AM and lasts for one hour. The service is a traditional liturgical service. We start with a confession of sins and a blessing by the Pastor, then a gathering hymn. Next we sing the Kyrie followed by a hymn of praise, readings from the old and new testaments, and a sermon by our Pastor. Following the sermon we have the hymn of the day, a recitation of either the Apostles' or Nicene creed, the prayers of the day, and sharing of the peace. Next, we have a musical interlude by our choir or other musical ensemble, during which a free-will offering is collected. This is followed by an offertory prayer and thanksgiving leading up to a recitation of the Lord's Prayer followed by communion. After communion there is the opportunity to hear general announcements and community concerns before we sing our final hymn.

Can I participate in communion?

Yes! We welcome anyone who wants a relationship with Jesus Christ to our communion table. To participate, wait for the usher to send your row down the aisle. Take an empty glass from the tray held by the acolyte if you want wine, or one pre-filled with grape juice if you would prefer. When it is your time to proceed to the communion rail, you may either kneel or stand to receive your communion bread and wine. Gluten-free wafers are available upon request.

What should I wear?

Our members tend to dress on the casual side. As a general rule of thumb you should wear whatever makes you most comfortable worshiping God (and making new friends).

Is child care available?

Yes, during the sermon and up until communion, when the children return so that they can go to the communion rail with their families to receive a blessing. Our nursery is staffed by member volunteers who will sit near the back of the church and look for families with young children, exiting for the nursery, at the beginning of the sermon. Children are welcome in worship. Worship Activity Bags are available and hang on a short pole just outside the sanctuary doors. All children are welcome to come forward during the children's sermon.

Is your church wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Our church, classrooms, and community room are all located on one level. There is a wheelchair accessible unisex bathroom in the narthex. Programs held in The House Next Door, however, are not wheelchair accessible.

Coffee hour

On most Sundays a Fellowship Hour follows the service. This is held in the gathering space to the left of the sanctuary as you exit. Please join us for coffee/tea, refreshments, and a bit of socializing.