Parish Care

Parish Care offers care and support in times of joy, sorrow, during times of concern or worry, or just because there is a need for someone to listen.

Some ongoing projects are:

  • Assisting with daily needs: providing rides, delivering meals, sending notes, making phone calls, visiting those who cannot get to church.

  • Communicating with the church community: mailing materials on spiritual and development growth for newborns and dealing with grief; providing Care Notes; mailing Advent calendars and Valentine Day Care Boxes to young adults away at school; mailing the Sunday bulletin to homebound members; making periodic visits to those who cannot get to church on Sundays.

  • Providing for Special Events: Memorial/funeral services and receptions, graduations, weddings, and installations.

  • Spring and Christmas Caroling: In conjunction with Christian Education, adults and children visit and sing Spring and Christmas carols at local senior resident facilities.

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