21 Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

As the media continues to report racist incidents, POP’s Racial Justice Committee struggles with how to address them as well as change the systemic racism we now recognize surrounds us all. Education within our congregation and the wider community will be an essential part of anything we do.  Racism is not just a black/white issue but comes in MANY forms! Join us by trying to spend some time every day for the next 21 days reading, viewing, listening, noticing, engaging, or acting as we all learn more about Racial Equity.

Debby Irving, author of Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race, developed this challenge, inviting individuals to join her in her journey and suggesting that groups can adapt it to their community — that’s what our Racial Justice Committee is doing.  Find Irving’s challenge at https://debbyirving.com/21-day-challenge/ or look at POP’s Facebook page each Monday and Thursday for shorter lists of suggestions of books, articles, videos, movies, interviews from which you can choose that week. You may also have, or know of, other resources that you would like to use.  Facebook postings will be a combination of resources from her online listing as well as others we’ve added to include a wider range of racial and cultural groups, all screened for appropriateness for church postings.  Both listings include some quick items as well as longer examples that you can do according to your own schedule. 

Download this tracking chart to record what you’ve done and reflect on it.  This is for you — no one will see it unless you choose to share. If you prefer, write in a journal, discuss with your family or friends, or even post something on Facebook.  

We encourage you to invite friends and family to join this challenge.  Help others understand the need for racial justice - post the challenge on your own social media!  Send questions, comments and suggestions to nancyauerreyes@gmail.com.  If you don't use Facebook and/or would prefer to get the suggestions by email, let me know. We want as many as possible to participate!

Looking forward to hearing your reactions and learning alongside others from POP and our communities as God works through us!

Nancy Reyes
Racial Justice Committee Chair