Join Us for “Table Talks” on Sunday Morning

Our Christian Education for the fall will be Cross Generational Table Talks.  In this year of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation we are reminded how Martin Luther would engage in faith talks around his and Katie's kitchen table.  From 1531 till the year Luther died in 1546, following the afternoon supper served at around 5 p.m., guests ranging from exiled clergy, escaped nuns, government officials, visitors from abroad, and colleagues of Luther in the University, and family,  stayed on in the relaxed and hospitable atmosphere to engage in spirited conversation.  Topics ranged widely as Luther commented on his personal life and family; his perspectives on theology, Scripture, and the life of faith; his comments on political and social topics; and more. Almost no current issue was “off the table.”

Our "Table Talks" will look similar.  It will be like a family reunion sitting around the table, sharing refreshments, the "Faith 5," and an intentional topic faith for the day.  All are invited.

Our second "Table Talk" is scheduled for the 24th after worship.

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