Watching our worship service without a Facebook account

With New Jersey’s mandate to ban all gatherings larger than 50 people in response to the COVID-19 pandemic we at Prince of Peace are doing what we can to stay connected with each other and continue in our weekly worship over the Internet. We will be using Facebook to “live stream” the service to you. This means that on Sunday mornings a select group people will gather at Prince of Peace on order to stage a performance of our worship service, and we will be sending out audio and video from this performance live to you via a tablet computer. We are making bulletins available on our website at the following web address,, so you can print out the bulletin and follow along during the service.

Although many of us do currently use Facebook, having a Facebook account is NOT required in order to view our live stream. In order to coach non-Facebook-users I have taken some screen shots from my notebook computer and will go through the steps needed to view our live stream. (Apologies to smartphone users.)

First you will need to go to the POP Facebook page at If you do not have a Facebook account, they will try real hard to make you sign up for one. If you want to go ahead, but it really is not necessary. As shown below, the part of the page with our group photo is scrollable. Just scroll down until you locate the window with our live feed.


The live feed window has a video controller bar at the bottom that only shows up when your mouse (or pointer) is hovering over the window. There is a control with diagonal arrows that you should click to expand this window to a fuller view...


….This view eliminates a lot of unwanted information from your display (including Facebook’s attempts to sign you up) and also shows you running commentary made by Facebook members watching the feed. They will not necessarily be members of POP. If you would like a larger FULL screen version without the commentary, simply click the diagonal arrows icon again.